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Steel Structure Building Wide Range Of Applications

Assembly of steel structure in the country is not a new thing, Steel Structure Building especially the recent national policy level warm wind blowing, around the relevant policies landed. However, it is undeniable that the status quo seems to be very different: on the one hand, the assembly of steel structure in the public building in a wide range of applications, high degree of acceptance; the other hand, Steel Structure Building the assembly of steel structure in the huge residential areas of the application of very few, Struggling. From the technical and economic level, the question exactly where, the following brief to do a superficial kind of carding and analysis.

Assembly of steel structure to achieve the function of the building envelope, interior and mechanical and electrical parts, basically also have the relevant product standards, testing standards and application of technical standards. New introduction and development of the parts, but also the gradual development of relevant standards. However, the quality of assembly parts of the assembly structure of steel parts, Steel Structure Building a large part of the production will involve the production of product supervision, how to implement, at the current level of norms there are still some problems.

Steel structure of the comfort of public buildings is not prominent,Steel Structure Building was criticized, mostly residential. This is often caused by the construction of residential building parts and construction technology and other issues.

In the past few years, due to the package of supporting resources, application of technical problems, resulting in improper selection of enclosure parts, or technically immature, Steel Structure Building engineers use the wall structure is not appropriate, resulting in external wall cracks, Sound insulation, insulation and so on.

In fact, the selection of parts properly, a reasonable structure of the envelope, the assembly of steel structure can be achieved and concrete shear wall equivalent living comfort. Steel Structure Building These problems are being improved with the gradual maturity of the construction envelope and the technical advancement of the engineers.

The construction of a furnished steel structure is a process that integrates the building system to achieve the overall architectural function and satisfies the user's needs. More and more enterprises will focus on the construction to the professional lead, for building systems integration, Steel Structure Building building product ideas up. In other words, this is a product manager led by a product development, any one of the problems affecting product features, may lead to the product can not make customer satisfaction.

Assembly of steel structure of the policy-oriented, cost, technology has now shown a good momentum, the assembly of steel structure has come to a thriving development of the turning point. In addition to public buildings, in recent years, to days, Baosteel, Hang Xiao, etc. as the representative of some units, Steel Structure Building are also in the assembly of steel structure of the corresponding R & D and industrial layout, the development of the industry is undoubtedly the spring has come.