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Steel Structure Building Structure

Steel structure is made of steel-based structure, Steel Structure Building is one of the main building structure, the characteristics of steel is high strength light weight, Steel Structure Building stiffness, so used to build large span, high, super heavy-duty buildings particularly suitable. Steel Structure Building Construction period is short, high degree of industrialization, fire resistance is poor corrosion.

We first look at what are the advantages of steel structure:

1, the steel structure is made of steel and steel plate through welding, bolt connection or riveting and made of engineering structure, compared with other construction, in use, design, Steel Structure Building construction and comprehensive economic aspects have advantages, low cost, at any time The characteristics of the move.

2, steel structure residential or factory than traditional buildings can better meet the building between the large open flexible requirements, Steel Structure Building and by reducing the cross-sectional area of the column and the use of lightweight wall panels, improve area utilization, Steel Structure Building indoor effective use of the area increased About 6%.

3, energy-saving effect is good, the use of light energy-saving standard C-shaped steel, square steel, sandwich panels, thermal insulation performance, good earthquake resistance.

4, the steel structure for residential buildings can give full play to the ductility of steel structure, plastic deformation ability, with excellent seismic performance, Steel Structure Building greatly improving the safety and reliability of residential. Especially in the case of earthquakes, typhoon disasters, the steel structure to avoid the collapse of the building destroyed.

5, the total weight of the building, steel structure of residential system light weight, Steel Structure Building about half of the concrete structure, can greatly reduce the basic cost.

6, construction speed, duration than the traditional residential system at least one-third, a 1000 square meters only 20 days, five workers can be completed.

7, good environmental protection effect. Steel Structure Building Steel structure residential construction greatly reduces the amount of sand, stone, ash, the material used is mainly green, Steel Structure Building 100% recovery or degradation of the material, in the building demolition, most of the material can be reused or degraded, will not cause garbage The

8, to flexible, abundance. Large room design, Steel Structure Building indoor space can be divided into multiple programs to meet the different needs of users

9, in line with the housing industry and sustainable development requirements. Steel structure suitable for large-scale production of factories, a high degree of industrialization, Steel Structure Building and energy saving, waterproofing, insulation, doors and windows and other advanced products in one set, complete sets of applications, design, production, construction integration, improve the level of construction industry

 1, the combined cost is low, the stable supply of steel prices caused by fluctuations in the price is very small. The use of thin-walled light-weight steel walls can maintain an excellent plane. Steel Structure Building It also means that when you nail the wall will not rebound and shrink the rupture. Because the material can be cut in advance to the required length, so to a large extent reduce the waste. Steel Structure Building In addition, the steel side of the material can also be sold, so it is greatly reduced waste. Basic processing is simple and suitable for a wide range of geological, basic part of the traditional building to save 50% of the cost. Steel Structure Building Reasonable wall thickness makes the user's room rate than the current current building to be about 8%, and because of the construction of fast, shortening the capital turnover, speed up the flow of funds, the corresponding lower costs.

 2, does not destroy the forest resources, Steel Structure Building light steel structure originated in the United States, the background is due to the transformation of trees caused by the destruction of the forest, which led to the global environmental degradation problem has become the focus of global attention. Steel Structure Building In this world to promote the protection of the forest situation, the technology from the United States 13 companies jointly developed and quickly spread the United States. Due to the protection of the environment, Steel Structure Building the design is reasonable, the completion of fast, and has excellent seismic performance, 1995 Hanshin earthquake was built in Japan and increasingly popular.

3, clean and environmentally friendly, Steel Structure Building does not produce harmful substances. Light steel structure is a steel frame to replace the traditional wooden building wooden frame construction method, the use of materials 100% of steel, the parts between the screws and nails connected, do not use any welding and adhesive. Steel Structure Building So do not worry about the use of chemicals in the construction process to the human body caused by the harm. In addition, the construction site will not have a lot of dust and noise caused by the surrounding environment pollution.