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Steel Structure Building Safeguard

With the global global warming, people are concerned about the building energy efficiency is increasing. Building energy conservation is conducive to fundamentally promote energy and resource conservation and rational use of China's energy resources to ease the supply and economic and social development of the contradictions; help accelerate the development of circular economy, to achieve sustainable economic and social development; is conducive to long-term protection of national energy security , Protect the environment, Steel Structure Building improve the quality of life of the people, and implement the scientific concept of development. Therefore, the building energy-saving building has become an inevitable trend of development, green building also came into being, Steel Structure Building assembly-type steel green building as an important part of green building, its research and application will greatly promote the development of China's building energy efficiency.

Assembled steel structure refers to the construction of steel parts in accordance with uniform, standard building parts specifications into the housing unit or parts, Steel Structure Building and then transported to the construction site assembly and production of the building. It is the production of steel components for the load-bearing skeleton, accompanied by a new type of lightweight insulation, Steel Structure Building sound insulation, high-strength wall materials as a envelope structure, and with the function of water, warm, electrical equipment and parts optimization set Become green energy-saving environmentally friendly buildings. Compared with the traditional building, the assembly structure of the green building has: ① space layout flexibility, high degree of integration, ② light weight, high bearing capacity, excellent seismic performance, ③ green, environmental protection, Steel Structure Building energy saving and sustainable development, Short, high-quality products, can be assembled to install, ⑤ to achieve the industrialization of construction and industrialization, ⑥ comprehensive economic benefits of higher advantages.

The overall characteristic of the development of foreign residential industry is to organize production by industrial means. From the post-World War II to the 1960s, residential industrialization in Europe, and extended to the United States, Canada, Japan and other economically developed countries. Since then, Steel Structure Building the construction of residential industrialization from the number of development to improve the direction of quality change. After the 1980s, with the development of social economy and culture, Steel Structure Building people's improvement of living requirements, residential industrialization began to shift to focus on residential functions and diversified industrialization direction, the residential system from the special system to the general system changes.

Steel is a kind of non-burning building materials, it has seismic, Steel Structure Building bending and other characteristics. In practical applications, the steel can not only increase the load capacity of buildings, but also to meet the needs of architectural design aesthetic modeling, but also to avoid the concrete and other building materials can not bend, stretch defects, so the steel industry has been favored by the construction industry, Single layer, multi-storey, skyscrapers, factories, warehouses, Steel Structure Building waiting rooms, terminals and other steel are common. However, steel as a building material in the fire there are some difficult to avoid the defects, its mechanical properties, such as yield point, tensile and elastic modulus, etc. will be due to the sharp rise in temperature. The same time as

Steel structure is usually in the 450 ~ 650 ℃ temperature will lose the carrying capacity, Steel Structure Building a great deformation, resulting in steel columns, steel beams bent, Steel Structure Building the results due to excessive deformation and can not continue to use, generally unprotected steel fire The limit is about 15 minutes. The length of this time is also related to the speed of the component endothermic. Steel Structure Building To make the steel structure in the practical application to overcome the lack of fire, must be fire treatment, the purpose is to increase the fire resistance of steel structure to the design specifications of the limits of the limit. To prevent the rapid rise in the fire in the fire deformation occurs, the measures are varied, Steel Structure Building the key is to take different methods according to different circumstances, such as the use of adiabatic, refractory barrier flame direct burning steel structure, reduce the speed of heat transfer Delay the temperature rise of steel structure, the intensity weakened the time. But no matter what method, the principle is the same. Steel Structure Building The following describes several different steel structure of the fire protection measures.