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Steel Structure Building 's Development Needs

The construction method of traditional building uses on-site pouring or welding technology, its site construction condition is poor, the project quality is difficult to guarantee, Steel Structure Building the resource waste is serious, and the construction rubbish can not meet the development demand of building industrialization.

The construction of the assembled steel structure is to make the main components and parts of the building in the factory, then transport to the site, after the mechanization of installation, to form to meet the predetermined functional requirements of the building. Steel Structure Building The fabricated steel structure building has the advantages of good anti-seismic performance, high building quality, simple production, quick construction, Steel Structure Building green and environmental protection.

Fabricated steel structure has been widely used in the United States, Japan, Australia and other developed countries, can bring great comprehensive benefits to the society, while driving the rapid development of other industries. At present, the assembled steel structure in China belongs to the initial stage, and mainly in the multi-storey building, in high-rise building application is very little, Steel Structure Building need to be in-depth study.

According to the performance of the building, the regularity of the flat surface and the height of the building, this case chooses the representative 4th building of 8 buildings for study. Its structure is highly $number. 6m, the structure aspect ratio 10.1, the ground 55 layers, the layer height 3.1m (refuge layer 4.0m). Steel Structure Building Projection dimensions of plane dimensions 1mx42.1m, of which the standard layer area is about 710 ㎡, 6 households per floor (3 types), the total area of the ground is about 40,000 ㎡.

Because of the high width ratio of the project to 10.1, and the horizontal wind load, it is very difficult to design the structure. In view of this kind of high-rise residential building, Steel Structure Building the traditional practice is to use concrete structure, Steel Structure Building by increasing the component section, setting shear wall and other methods to increase the structural stiffness, in order to meet the structural safety and comfort requirements. However, the traditional practice has a great influence on the construction quality, and the construction period is long, which can not realize the goal of building industrialization.

In order to solve the above difficulties, Steel Structure Building Tongji's design team broke through the limitations of traditional design methods, the use of assembled steel structure design to meet the requirements of the owners high standards.