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Steel Structure Building Reasonable Use

With the global global warming, people are concerned about the building energy efficiency is increasing. Steel Structure Building Building energy conservation is conducive to fundamentally promote the conservation and rational use of energy resources to ease the supply of energy resources and economic and social development of China's contradictions; help accelerate the development of circular economy, Steel Structure Building to achieve sustainable economic and social development; is conducive to long-term protection of national energy security , Protect the environment, improve the quality of life of the people, and implement the scientific concept of development. Steel Structure Building Therefore, the building energy-saving building has become an inevitable trend of development, green building also came into being, assembly-type steel green building as an important part of green building, Steel Structure Building its research and application will greatly promote the development of China's building energy efficiency.

Assembly of steel structure refers to the uniform, the standard building parts specifications steel components into the housing unit or parts, and then transported to the construction site assembly in place of the production of the building. It is a factory-produced steel components for the load-bearing skeleton, Steel Structure Building accompanied by a new type of lightweight insulation, sound insulation, high-strength wall materials as a envelope structure, and functional matching water, warm, electrical equipment and parts optimization set Become a green energy-saving environmentally friendly buildings. Compared with the traditional building, the assembled steel structure has the following advantages: (1) flexible layout of space, high degree of integration, Steel Structure Building high light weight, high bearing capacity, superior seismic performance, green, environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable development, ④ construction period Short, high-quality products, can be assembled to install, ⑤ to achieve the industrialization of construction and industrialization, ⑥ comprehensive economic benefits of higher advantages.

The overall characteristics of the development of foreign residential industry is organized by industrial means. From the post-World War II to the 1960s, Steel Structure Building residential industrialization in Europe, and extended to the United States, Canada, Japan and other economically developed countries. Since then, the construction of residential industrialization from the number of development to improve the direction of quality change. After the 1980s, Steel Structure Building with the development of social economy and culture, the improvement of living requirements and residential industrialization began to shift towards the development of residential functions and diversified industrialization. The residential system changed from the special system to the general system.

France is one of the earliest countries in the world to implement the industrialization of construction. They have created the "first generation of industrial construction", Steel Structure Building which is marked by a fully assembled large plate and tool-based template cast-in-place process, and to the development of general-purpose building products and equipment Characteristics of the "second generation of industrial construction" transition. The building system is developed from residential to public buildings such as schools, office buildings, hospitals, sports and clubs. Sweden is one of the most developed countries in the world for residential industrialization, with 80% of its homes adopting a common system based on common parts. Steel Structure Building Denmark is the world's first country to convert the modulus of the country, a large number of residential dwellings also use a variety of assembly-type large plate system.