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Steel Structure Building Easy To Install

Steel structure is made of steel as a material structure. Steel Structure Building The steel structure house is paid more attention by all parties because of its light weight, low cost, suitable for soft foundation, easy installation, fast construction, short cycle, quick investment recovery, less construction pollution environment and good seismic performance.

The use of high strength steel, Steel Structure Building the design can be used to open a large layout, so that the building can be separated from the plane, flexible and convenient to create an open residential. The traditional structure (brick structure, concrete structure) due to the nature of the material to limit the freedom of space layout, the past is generally between 3.2 meters, 3.4 meters, 3.6 meters, if too large, Steel Structure Building it will cause plate thickness, , There 'fat beam pillow' phenomenon, not only affect the appearance, but also increase their weight, increase the cost of buyers in the second decoration, often due to change their own wall position, increase the hidden dangers.

The same building area of the building floor, Steel Structure Building steel structure of light weight, according to the comparison, six light steel structure residential weight, only the equivalent of four brick masonry structure of residential weight. And steel with ductility, can better consume the energy brought by the earthquake, Steel Structure Building so the seismic performance is good, the structure of high security.

Steel structure components, you can implement the factory production, on-site installation. Due to the small amount of on-site operation, less pollution to the surrounding environment, at the same time, the construction of a high degree of mechanization to speed up the construction speed. Steel Structure Building According to statistics, the same area of buildings, steel structure than the concrete structure duration, can be shortened by one third, and can save mold material.

As the weight is light, the basic cost is reduced, Steel Structure Building the overall material is reduced, the direct cost is reduced, the construction period is short, the indirect fee can be reduced, so the comprehensive cost is low.

Steel structure suitable for large-scale production of factories, a high degree of industrialization, and energy saving, waterproofing, insulation, Steel Structure Building doors and windows and other advanced products set in one, complete sets of applications, design, production, construction integration, improve the level of housing industry.

Steel structure is suitable for innovative residential structure system. Steel structure can be different with the aesthetic, the use of different functional requirements, Steel Structure Building design a variety of modeling, scale, space, new room type. Manufacturers can be high precision, high quality, high speed to complete, so that the building to achieve both beautiful and economical results.

With the development of high-tech, Steel Structure Building people's ideas and lifestyles will also be constantly updated and changed, the overall quality of residential requirements will continue to improve, for which the residential design must be considered with these changing factors in harmony,Steel Structure Building Resulting in a new world of elastic design. And steel structure is the most suitable for residential elastic design of the structural system.