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Steel Structure Building Characteristic

The use of fire-resistant coatings on steel structures is undoubtedly the time required. Although in practical applications, steel because of its seismic, Steel Structure Building bending and other characteristics, can be relatively increase the load capacity of buildings to meet the architectural design aesthetic needs of the construction industry has been favored by the single, multi-storey, skyscrapers, Steel Structure Building Plant, warehouse, waiting room, terminal and so on more use of steel. However, steel as a building material in the fire there are some difficult to avoid the defects, such as its mechanical properties, tensile and elastic modulus, etc. will be due to the sharp rise in temperature. Once to a certain temperature will bend after collapse. This time on the need for fire paint to extend its fire resistance time, to provide adequate time to rescue, so the use of steel structure fire paint is imperative.

The method of strengthening the structure by changing the load distribution, force transmission path, node property and boundary condition, adding additional bar and support, applying prestressing, taking into account the space coordination work and so on. Steel Structure Building The general way to change the structure of a graph is:

(1) increase the support to form the spatial structure and check the space structure, add support to increase the structural stiffness or adjust the structure of the natural frequency, Steel Structure Building in order to improve the structural bearing capacity and improve the dynamic characteristics of the structure;

(2) additional support or auxiliary bar, so that the structure of the slenderness ratio to reduce its stability;

(3) in the structure of the column to focus on strengthening the stiffness of a column, so that most of the horizontal force to reduce the other column load.

Beam, plate in the cross after the addition of fulcrum, reducing the span, which can greatly improve the carrying capacity, and can reduce and limit the beam, Steel Structure Building plate deflection. Steel Structure Building It is suitable for the reinforcement of horizontal structure such as beam, plate, truss, grid and so on in the large span structure where the house clearance is unrestricted. Its advantage is simple and reliable, Steel Structure Building the disadvantage is that the use of space will be affected.

Reinforced concrete beams strengthened with outer steel are generally wet-type method, that is, the use of epoxy resin grouting and other methods to strengthen the steel and reinforced components into a whole, reinforced components, due to tension and compression steel cross-sectional area of a substantial increase, Steel Structure Building So the positive section bearing capacity and cross-section stiffness is also greatly improved.

In addition to the advantages of bonded steel reinforced steel reinforcement method, but also has the advantages of corrosion-resistant turbidity, moisture resistance, almost no increase in structure weight, durability, low maintenance costs, but need special fire treatment, Steel Structure Building Applicable to a variety of mechanical properties of the concrete structure and the general structure.

After the reinforcement works is completed, Steel Structure Building apply the hammer gently tap the paste steel plate, from the sound to determine the bonding effect or ultrasonic method to detect the paste density.

If the anchoring area is less than 90%, the non-anchoring area is less than 70%. If the paste is invalid, it should be peeled off.

For the major projects, in order to test the reinforcement effect, to be sampled for load test, generally only for the use of load test, the unloaded load will be fully added, the structure of the deformation and crack development should meet the design requirements.