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Steel Structure Building Architectural Design

Steel is affected by natural factors, Steel Structure Building once exposed to the outdoor environment for a long time, it is easy to be rusted, not only the appearance of steel will be affected, the quality of steel will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in the steel structure design steel corrosion problem must also be a high degree of attention.

At present, Steel Structure Building the steel structure design for the anti-corrosion aspects of the solution is usually used to apply anti-corrosion coating measures. Steel Structure Building Designers will be based on the requirements of steel structure selection of appropriate anti-corrosion coatings, and require construction workers in the construction in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the standard operation. In addition, there are different requirements for steel structure components, Steel Structure Building such as some components in the factory need to brush a layer of primer. In the steel coated with anti-corrosion coating on the current point of view is the most effective anti-corrosion measures, but this is only the basic anti-corrosion.

In order to improve the anti-corrosion effect of steel structure, we must use weathering steel as the preferred material for steel structure construction, and use hot-dip galvanizing technology to deal with it, the use of coating to achieve the protection of steel structure is not corrosive, in particular, Steel Structure Building should strengthen the organic coatings Supporting the application of technology, as well as the application of cathodic protection technology in order to better ensure that its anti-corrosion performance has been effectively improved.

The noise problem is one of the most common problems in modern architecture and has not been completely solved. Under normal circumstances, the use of different functions of the use of different sound insulation requirements are different, such as large shopping malls, Steel Structure Building the sound insulation requirements are lower; to seek a quiet residential building sound insulation requirements are higher, which requires designers according to building use function As well as the different requirements of sound insulation requirements for a special design.

The soundproofing measures used in the design of steel structures mainly include the use of sound barriers, sound insulation windows, Steel Structure Building and the use of soundproofing materials in buildings or soundproofed rooms.

According to the use of different functions of the building, the sound effects of the requirements are not the same. For example, Steel Structure Building the building type of the concert hall, the main use of the function is to let the human ear to absorb the sound of music, so in the concert hall type of building usually in the ceiling to increase the reflector used to reflect the sound, if the sound of the concert hall can not reflect , Steel Structure Building Then the sound of human ears will be heard there will be missing, or even hear the sound.

At present, there are two main measures to solve the sound absorption problem: the first is the scientific design of sound absorption structure, such as gypsum board ceiling. Steel Structure Building The second is the use of advanced sound-absorbing materials, such as glass, rock wool and other sound-absorbing properties of better materials.