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Steel Structure Building Advantages And Disadvantages

Steel construction A new type of building system is available through the real estate industry, construction industry, metallurgical industry between the industry line, set into a new industrial system, which is widely seen in the industry steel structure of the building system.

Steel structure Compared with the traditional concrete building, with steel or steel instead of reinforced concrete, higher strength, better shock resistance. And because the components can be factory production, on-site installation, thus greatly reducing the duration. Due to the reusable steel, can greatly reduce the construction waste, more green, and thus widely used around the world, used in industrial buildings and civil construction.

At present, the construction of steel structure in the high-rise, super-high-rise buildings on the increasingly mature, and gradually become the mainstream of the construction process, is the future direction of development of the building.


1. Significant savings in construction time, construction is not affected by the season

2. Increase the use of residential space area, reduce construction waste and environmental pollution

3. Building materials can be reused, pulling the development of other new building materials industry

4. Seismic performance is good, easy to use in the transformation, flexible and convenient, giving comfort and so on

5. High strength, light weight, high security components, high cost, reduce building costs

6. In line with national sustainable development strategy, low carbon, green, environmental protection, energy saving and other key state-supported industries


As the land resources are not renewable, the Ministry of Construction has ordered the prohibition of the use of traditional clay brick, at the same time, China's steel production has reached 1 billion tons, a serious oversupply situation has forced the iron and steel enterprises another way, the introduction of foreign mature residential building system, At the same time for the construction industry and the steel industry to find a new way out, therefore, steel mills and building materials enterprises in the forefront of steel housing.

1. Heat-resistant refractory, the need for surface coating fire retardant coating

2. Easy to be corroded, the surface to be coated with anti-corrosion coating, reduce or avoid corrosion, improve the durability


Steel "bulk density and strength ratio" is generally smaller than wood, concrete and masonry, so the steel structure is relatively light, compared with the reinforced concrete structure lighter 30% -50%; another steel structure section is small, compared with the reinforced concrete structure Increase the effective area of about 8% of the building. China's early 20th century, the construction of the Songhua River steel truss bridge, the Yellow River Bridge, Shanghai International Hotel on the use of steel structure; new China was established, China's civil high-rise building steel structure to further accelerate the pace of the country more than a dozen high-rise steel structure Beijing, which occupies six blocks: Beijing-Guangzhou Center (208 meters high), Capital Building (182 meters high), International Trade Building (155.2 meters high), Chang Fu Gong Hotel (90.9 meters high), Shangri-La Hotel (82.7 meters high) , The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China head office (48.3 meters high), there are under construction in the National Grand Theater project. National hundreds of large and small airports will be designed to use steel structure to speed up the construction speed and increase the space. It can be seen that the high-speed development of the economy requires steel structure.


The increase in steel products and construction steel grades has laid a good foundation for the development of steel structures. China's steel production in 1996 exceeded 100 million tons, has become the world's steel power, with the country in the twenty-first century pay close attention to metallurgical and technological progress, improve China's iron and steel industry, technical level and assembly level, around 2020, China is expected to become the world Of the steel power. In the past long-term can not produce H-beam, now has been in the "Magang", "Laiwu Steel" and Anshan first rolling mill production. H-section steel has reached a maximum cross-section of 700mm, with an annual output capacity of up to 1.4 million tons, light steel structure with the current annual production capacity of steel plate has reached 70-90 million tons, cold-formed steel annual production capacity of about 1.2 million tons. This laid the foundation for the development of steel structures. "15" during the construction of steel structure development goals, is to achieve the annual steel structure of steel used in steel production accounted for 3% of the country's total. 2015 construction of steel structure development goal is to strive for the annual national steel structure of the steel to reach 6% of the total steel. It can be seen that the development of China's steel structure will be on a new level. Efficient welding process and the application of new welding and cutting equipment. Such as double-sided liner method of double-sided molding of single-wire and multi-wire submerged arc welding, gantry I-beam double-wire double-wire rapid welding production line, a variety of CNC flame machine and laser cutting machine for the efficient production and production of steel High quality products create good conditions. The use of high-efficiency welding materials, such as gas shielded welding and self-fluxing flux-cored wire and a variety of high-efficiency welding rod, to 2005 to account for about 40% of the total output of welding materials; friction type bolts and torque control methods and anti- Fire and other new technology, the development of new materials and so on for the further development of steel structure to create a good condition.