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Steel Structure Building Advantage Of The Structure

Construction steel structure since its inception, Steel Structure Building because of its relative to the traditional building materials, many advantages are widely used in the building structure. With China's steel production increased year by year and for many years ranked first in the world, steel structure in China has been rapid development. At present, the steel structure is mainly used in large span and super high layer can fully show its advantages in the structure of the system, and in other types of buildings, such as residential, commercial buildings in the application of less.

Failure of the steel can easily lead to the collapse of the building, no protection or protection is not in place of the steel structure in the event of fire often caused by large vicious accidents. 1998, a furniture city of Beijing fire caused 13,000 square meters of steel structure all collapsed; 2003, Steel Structure Building a food factory in Qingdao fire, steel roof truss led to the collapse of dozens of employees failed to evacuate; The protection of steel structure fire protection, for the protection of life and property safety, to prevent the occurrence of a serious accident has a very important practical significance

In view of the recent years of fire lessons, in 2015 introduced a new version of "building fire protection design specifications", in the specification of the revision of the steel structure and other metal structures can not take fire protection measures to comply with the relevant provisions, that is from May 1, 2015 The implementation of the new regulations, all steel structures and other metal components are required to use fire protection.

At present in the steel building fire protection, Steel Structure Building there are still a large number of buildings are not implemented in accordance with the new regulations, the metal components for fire protection treatment, that is to violate the norms and standards. In the event of a fire accident in such a building, the design and construction unit will be liable to escape. Specifications change, regardless of design or construction units should be timely follow up the new norms and standards.

The water-filled cooling of the steel structure is filled with water in the closed column of the hollow, and when the fire occurs, the component transfers the heat from the fire to the water in the column, keeping the component temperature to about 100 ° C. This is theoretically the most ideal fire protection method, but in practice due to the use of less pipe structure, and the high cost of the circulatory system, Steel Structure Building to be considered rust and frost and other issues, so in practice, very little.

Refractory steel is through the structural steel by adding molybdenum and other alloying elements, so that the steel in the specified refractory time to maintain a high strength. No fire protection layer can reach the fire grade 4 beam fire resistance limit, other circumstances need to cooperate with fire protection measures such as fire protection measures, but the thickness of the fire coating can be greatly reduced to reduce the cost of fire. National Grand Theater is the successful application of the Wuhan Iron and Steel production of refractory steel, Steel Structure Building both to ensure the safety of fire, but also to achieve the pursuit of the architect of the United States.