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Steel Structure Building A New Type Of Building System

Steel structure A new type of building system is available through the real estate industry, construction industry, metallurgical industry between the industry line, set into a new industrial system, which is widely seen in the industry steel structure of the building system.

Steel structure Compared with the traditional concrete building, with steel or steel instead of reinforced concrete, higher strength, better shock resistance. And because the components can be factory production, on-site installation, thus greatly reducing the duration. As the steel can be reused, can greatly reduce the construction waste, more green, and thus widely used around the world, used in industrial buildings and civil construction.

At present, the construction of steel structure in the high-rise, super-high-rise buildings on the increasingly mature, and gradually become the mainstream of the construction process, is the future direction of development of the building.


1. Significant savings in construction time, construction is not affected by the season

2. Increase the use of residential space area, reduce construction waste and environmental pollution

3. Building materials can be reused, pulling the development of other new building materials industry

4. Seismic performance is good, easy to use in the transformation, flexible and convenient, giving comfort and so on

5. High strength, light weight, high security components, high cost, reduce building costs

6. In line with national sustainable development strategy, low carbon, green, environmental protection, energy saving and other key state-supported industries