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New Model Of Steel Building Opened Or Urbanization

With the acceleration of urbanization, and how to solve the problem of urban sustainable development has brought to our eyes. In this regard, said Yi Peng, a researcher at the Centre of national development and Reform Commission and small towns, the advanced technology and the development of a new green building, will be to achieve the goals of sustainable development of urban green.

Data show that industrialization of housing production if our popularity will reduce construction waste by about 83% and about 60% of material loss and increase recyclable materials 60%, building energy saving of more than 50%. Characteristics of steel buildings with energy-saving, environmental protection, represent the development direction of housing industrialization. Zhejiang hangxiao steel company limited Fang Hongqiang, Chief Engineer, said in the future, will be the trend of replacing concrete with steel concrete.

Yi Peng: urbanization refuse pollution control

Early this year, the State Council issued (State 〖 2013 〗 1th) forward on development and reform of the housing and urban-rural construction Ministry notification of programmes of action for green building, emphasized in the notice, objectives: the "Twelve-Five" period, completed the new green building 1 billion square meters by the end of 2015, 20% of new town construction meets green building standards requirements.

Yi Peng said Chinese cities appear in big cities are an important reason is that urban energy consumption is high, urban traffic congestion, emissions are high. Therefore, the traditional construction of towns "mass production, mass consumption and mass waste" development model has to change, "pollution first and treatment later" old ways cannot continue. And an increasing proportion of green building, will help to further reduce our energy consumption, reduce emissions of construction waste, eliminate the negative effects of urbanization on the natural environment, further fostering livable city atmosphere. This is definitely a country to strongly encourage a direction. In this case, to develop new technologies to help achieve the goals of sustainable development of urban green, and green building is certainly in line with the development trend of steel structure.