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Light Steel Villa The Performance

Light steel villas have many traditional houses can not match the performance. Light Steel Villa First of all he is safe, seismic 9 degrees, to meet the national requirements of the earthquake, because the entire housing load-bearing structure for the light steel keel structure, Light Steel Villa steel structure has a very good ductility and toughness, the earthquake will never collapse; Light Steel Villa But also has a typhoon performance, to withstand the 12 typhoon safe and sound, if it is in the island, Light Steel Villa but also can have the corresponding reinforcement measures; light steel villa can withstand Blizzard's blow, Light Steel Villa designed load-bearing 1.5 m snow, solar water heaters, Light Steel Villa And other equipment on the roof without any problems.

Second, he lived very comfortable, light steel villas according to the location of the different design, such as the northern cold areas focus on the realization of insulation properties, Light Steel Villa hot and humid areas of the South stressed his insulation performance and moisture resistance. Light Steel Villa The realization of these conditions is to produce a large number of high-quality building materials and doors and windows and other ancillary equipment, due to the progress of production technology, these products have been very mature, Light Steel Villa to meet our needs to build light steel villas. So we will have a warm winter, summer refreshing, tall light steel villa.

Finally, he is very beautiful, Light Steel Villa light steel villa design has a variety of styles, British, American, Mediterranean, Scandinavian style, retro courtyard, etc .; Light Steel Villa light steel villa has a variety of modeling, one, two, three, Flexible, diverse, can be adjusted according to demand; light steel villa color is also very rich, red, white, gray, yellow, you can low-key luxury, Light Steel Villa can also be colorful.

Our traditional building needs steel, cement, Light Steel Villa red brick and other main materials, the price of these building materials with the economic development is getting higher and higher, and the construction process requires a lot of human resources, labor costs are now high, Light Steel Villa the factors plus Together led to the cost of an ordinary house to reach more than ten million or even higher. Light Steel Villa With the advance of time, the cost of traditional houses will continue to rise.

Light steel villa has three characteristics, Light Steel Villa one is the housing parts are produced in the workshop, a high degree of mechanization, high production efficiency, not only good quality, and the price is relatively low; Second, the selection is green new materials, Warm, Light Steel Villa the quality is very light, 90% of the material can be recycled; third is the installation speed, a 200 square meters of villa construction period of not more than 2 months, Light Steel Villa which saves a lot of labor costs.

Light steel villa is not only beautiful, the main structure of the life of 90 years, and our traditional housing use more than 30 years into a dangerous room, and almost no beauty at all, Light Steel Villa in the long run, light steel villas is very cost-effective.

Light steel villa is the quality of excellence and close to the people get more and more ordinary people like to energy conservation, environmental protection advantages of government recognition and promotion, Light Steel Villa can be expected in the near future, the national farmers can live on security , Comfortable light steel villa, to achieve the construction of "beautiful countryside" goal.