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Light Steel Villa Sound Fire Protection Technology

Light steel villa, also known as light steel structure housing, the main material is hot-dip galvanized steel by cold-rolled steel synthetic keel, after accurate calculation with the support and combination of accessories, play a reasonable Bearing capacity to replace traditional houses.

Light steel villas To ensure the effect of insulation, insulation and insulation materials used in the external walls and roofs of buildings can be used for a long time and can be insulated. Light steel villa in addition to the walls of the wall in addition to filling glass fiber, the wall and then paste a layer of insulation material, effectively cut off through the wall to the outer wall of the thermal bridge; between the joists filled with glass fiber, Reduce the heat transfer through the floor; all walls of the wall between the wall are filled with glass fiber, reducing the heat transfer between the wall

Light steel villa one of the most critical issue is the application of fire technology, light steel villa fire rating of four. Light steel villa on both sides of the wall with the floor of the ceiling attached to the fire gypsum board, for the ordinary firewall and wall with 25.4 mm thick (1 inch) gypsum board protection to achieve 1 hour fire protection requirements, The glass fibers filled with the walls between the walls and the floor are also actively protected against fire and heat transfer.

Light steel villas are filled with glass wool between the inner and outer walls and the floor joists to effectively block the air through the air, and for the impact of solid propagation, the following construction is made: With the middle of the gap between the two walls; and for the ceiling with a fixed gypsum board keel, with a small slot with the elastic structure to effectively reduce the solid sound between the floor.

In many people subconsciously, light steel villa flashy, not strong, unsafe, the use of bad guarantee and death expensive expensive, but a developed country is a luxury, not suitable for China

First of all, light steel villas in developed countries, such as Germany, the United States is indeed very popular. After all, the construction of fast and less pollution, the vast majority of the main material can be recycled, is a veritable green residential. And its appearance is more diverse and good moisture and moisture, loved by the people

Secondly, light steel villa is not a flashy "greenhouse flowers"! It is light weight, connected to prison, after theoretical and practical proof, can be anti-8 earthquake and not down! The use of more able to reach 50 years to 70 years, the main galvanized light steel keel with a hundred years is not difficult! Compared to the traditional reinforced concrete frame houses, it is not inferior!

Third, for the price, in fact, did not imagine so high. If it is a simple foreign "Park to goods", the use of special sound insulation, insulation, moisture, structural board ... ... its price is indeed not low

But through the domestic industry technical staff pondering, by slightly reducing its thermal insulation performance, the use of special mortar sprayed solid wall, not only more in line with the Chinese people's preferences

Cover the house first to design the apartment drawings, light steel houses are no exception. Manufacturers will do a good job of CAD building design into the light steel skeleton generation software, the software will automatically generate the drawings of light steel skeleton structure model, analysis into the structure. In the structure of each light steel skeleton size, shape, hole location and size

Then prefabricated light steel keel in the factory. All keels are prefabricated and divided into blocks. A layer of wall installation. Staircase installation. Floor installation.

Light steel keel composition of the components is not heavy, artificial lifting, and even stents are not! Construction convenient and quick pollution-free, which is less than the traditional housing construction

Light steel skeleton after the completion of the installation of insulation moisture-proof material or the use of domestic mortar spray plate body technology to complete the wall, floor construction.