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Light Steel Villa Loved By People

In many people subconsciously, light steel villa flashy, not strong, unsafe, the use of bad guarantee and dead expensive expensive, but a developed country is a luxury, not suitable for China! Xiaobian today and we talk about light steel villa, to eliminate these misunderstandings!

First of all, light steel villas in developed countries, such as Germany, the United States is indeed very popular. After all, the construction of fast and less pollution, the vast majority of the main material can be recycled, is a veritable green residential. And its appearance is more diverse and good moisture and moisture, loved by the people!

Secondly, light steel villa is not a flashy "greenhouse flowers"! It is light weight, connected to prison, after theoretical and practical proof, can be anti-8 earthquake and not down! The use of more able to reach 50 years to 70 years, the main galvanized steel keel with a hundred years is not difficult! Compared to the traditional reinforced concrete frame houses, it is not inferior!

Third, for the price, in fact, did not imagine so high. If it is a simple foreign "Park to goods", the use of special sound insulation, insulation, moisture, structural board ... ... its price is indeed not low, rough cost can reach 2,000 yuan / ㎡!

But by the domestic industry technical staff pondering, by slightly reducing its insulation performance, the use of special mortar sprayed solid wall, not only more in line with the Chinese people's preferences, but also can reduce the cost to 1,500 yuan / ㎡, is close to the frame housing The

With the development of domestic light steel villa technology, light steel villa will be more and more cheap, like the Western developed countries, as the darling of self-built!