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Light Steel Villa Growing Higher

Our traditional housing needs steel, cement, red brick main material, Light Steel Villa the price of these building materials with the development of the economy more and more high, and the construction process to a lot of human resources, labor costs are very high, the factors together, Light Steel Villa so a common house cost of a hundred thousand of or even higher. With the advance of time, the cost of traditional houses will continue to rise. So the holiday is more and more expensive.

Light Steel villa has three characteristics, one is the house parts are produced in the workshop, mechanization degree is high, production efficiency is high, not only the quality is good, but the price is relatively low, because almost do not need artificial; the second is the selection of new materials are green environmental protection, thermal insulation, quality is very light, 90% of the material can be recycled, Light Steel Villa green environmental protection; Three is the installation speed, a 200 ㎡ villa construction period of not more than 2 months, which saves a lot of labor costs, cheap.

Light Steel villa not only beautiful, the main structure of the service life of 90 years or even longer, and our traditional housing use more than 30 years into a dangerous house, Light Steel Villa and housing prices are becoming more and more high, buy a new home is very difficult, and almost no aesthetic, from the long-term perspective, light steel villas is very cost-effective.

The floor of Light steel villa is composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel frame or composite beam, floor OSB structural plate, support, connecting parts, etc. The materials used are OSB, cement fibreboard, Light Steel Villa and plywood. The load of 316~365 kg per square metre can be borne on these lightweight floor surfaces. The weight of the building structure system of light steel villa is only One-fourth to one-sixth of the traditional concrete slab system in China, but its floor structure height will be higher than that of ordinary concrete slab $number mm.

Light Steel Villa Roofing system is composed of roof truss, structural OSB panels, waterproof layer, lightweight roofing tile (metal or asphalt tile). Light steel structure of the roof, Light Steel Villa the appearance can have a variety of combinations. There are many kinds of materials. Under the premise of protecting the waterproof technology, the appearance has many options.

The wall of Light steel villa is composed of wall frame column, Light Steel Villa wall top beam, wall bottom beam, wall support, wall plate and connecting piece. Light steel villas generally will be the internal wall as a structural load-bearing wall, the wall column is C-shaped light steel members, its wall thickness is determined by the load, usually 0.84~2 mm, the wall column spacing is generally $number mm, light steel villas This wall structure layout, Light Steel Villa can effectively withstand and reliably transfer vertical load, and convenient layout.

Light Steel villa to ensure that the insulation effect, in the building's external walls and roofs used in thermal insulation materials can be long-term use and thermal insulation. Light steel villas Generally, in addition to the walls of the wall column filled with glass fiber, Light Steel Villa in the outside of the wall to attach a layer of insulation material, effectively cut off the heat bridge through the wall column to the outer wall plate, Light Steel Villa the floor is filled with the glass fiber, reduce the heat transfer through the floor; all the walls of the wall are filled with glass fiber and the heat transfer between the walls is reduced.

Light Steel Villa One of the most critical issues is the application of fire protection technology, light steel Villa fire-resistant grade of four. Light steel villa on both sides of the wall and floor of the ceiling affixed with fire gypsum board, for the ordinary firewall and the wall with 25.4 mm thick (1 inch) Gypsum board protection, Light Steel Villa in order to achieve 1-hour fire protection requirements, in addition, the wall between the walls and the floor joists filled with glass fiber for fire protection and heat transfer also played a positive role.

The light steel villas are filled with glass wool between the inner and outer walls and the floor joists, effectively preventing the audio portion from spreading through the air, Light Steel Villa and for the sound of impact through solids, the following construction process: For the wall column of the household walls, the two-way walls with intermediate voids are formed, and for the small keel of the fixed gypsum board used for the ceiling, Light Steel Villa the elastic structure with a small notch is used to effectively reduce the solid sound propagation between floors.