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Light Steel Villa Classic Fashion

With the country's emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection, the broad masses of people have a new understanding of green building, light steel integrated assembly style and beautiful appearance, classic fashion, comfortable living, safe and stable, earthquake and fire, Light Steel Villa thermal insulation, energy saving , The construction period is short, recyclable and other advantages of the public by the public recognition, and in line with the State Council on "to carry out steel structure assembly pilot, to expand the use of green building materials," industrial policy, a new rural municipal construction, parks, Light Steel Villa Shopping malls, culture, tourism green planning and design of choice.

Due to the strengthening of environmental awareness and shortage of timber and other factors, many countries such as the United States, Japan, Britain, Australia, is actively promoting the low-level light steel villa application and development.

Australia as early as the 20th century, Light Steel Villa 60 years put forward the "rapid installation of prefabricated residential" concept, but because the market is not yet mature, has not been well developed. By 1987, the high-strength cold-formed thin-walled steel structure appeared, and the joint specification of Australia and New Zealand AS / NZS4600 cold-formed structural steel specification was released in 1996. This steel bearing capacity is high, compared with the same bearing capacity of wood, Light Steel Villa only 1/3 of the wood, the surface of the galvanized treatment, in the case of overhaul, durability up to 75 years.

According to reports, light steel villa in the United States the fastest growing, Light Steel Villa 1965 young steel villa in the United States only 15% of the construction market; 1990 rose to 53%, while in 1993 it has risen to 68% to 2000 has risen to 75%. Residential components and the standardization of the crystal, serialization, and its specialization, commercialization, socialization is very high, Light Steel Villa almost 100%, a variety of construction machinery, equipment, equipment and other leasing is very developed, the degree of commercialization to 40 %.

In recent years, all components are made of cold-formed steel light steel keel system as a new building method is the rapid development of Europe and the United States, has increasingly become a special commodity can be ordered, widely used in villas, residential, scenic facilities, Light Steel Villa office clubs , Schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and so on. In Australia, about 1,200,000 pieces of light steel keel independent homes are built each year, accounting for about 24% of all Australian construction business output. In the United States, the construction of houses from the system increased from 55,000 in the mid-1990s For 325,000 in 2000. At present, Light Steel Villa this light steel villa has become the main building structure of developed countries.

Light-weight steel structure is a cold-formed thin-walled steel structure as a load-bearing skeleton, with light wall material as the envelope structure of the residential building. Light Steel Villa In the United States, Japan, Australia and other developed countries, Light Steel Villa light steel structure of the building system has long been used for residential buildings, such as light steel structure in the United States has accounted for about 25% of ordinary residential, and technology has been more mature.