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Light Steel Villa Building Fire Prevention Technology

In light steel boom in recent years, the light steel process, design, quality, construction and other links to accept the test, after the innovation of technology and the baptism of time, it will be integrated into the life of the Chinese people, become the indispensable emerging Chinese housing construction materials. Today, talk about the advantages of the light steel villa.

A few advantages of light steel villa overview

1 culture

The light steel villa is designed and designed according to customers' preference and control price budget. Under the reasonable housing structure, the color, structure, style and cultural connotation of the house are maximized to meet the needs and requirements of the customers.

2 the economy

Light steel villa building price is calculated according to square meter, per square meter of steel structure density is bigger, lead to per square meter, low price and remarkable plus the reasonable design of stylist, to minimize the cost of the budget, save the cost users build.

3 stable

Light steel villa with low requirement to the ground, do not need to the appraisal of ground material to build, on the ground with a slope of reasonable mechanical structures, through H, C, Z, U steel component link, combined into the main body frame, makes the stable structure explain and magnitude 9 earthquake resistance, 12 level winds.

4 the environmental protection

Light steel villa in the building process to avoid the pollution of building materials such as concrete, lime, by light steel construction in its internal concrete wall, at the same time of saving building material increased wall dry time, makes customer check-in as soon as possible.

5 recycling

Light steel villa recovery rate is extremely high, above 92% and house use fixed number of year for the last 100 years, has already moved beyond the person's life, and loss of the traditional houses in the maintenance of around 56%, the recovery rate is low.

Light steel villa to ensure the thermal insulation effect, the thermal insulation material used in the exterior wall and roof of the building can be used for a long time and heat insulation. The light steel villas generally fill the glass fiber outside the wall column, and then attach a layer of insulation material on the outside of the wall, effectively isolating the hot bridge from the wall to the outer wall. The floor is filled with glass fiber to reduce the heat transfer through the floor. All the walls of the inner wall are filled with fiberglass to reduce heat transfer between the walls.

Building fire prevention technology

One of the most critical problems of light steel villas is the application of fire prevention technology. Light steel villa at both sides of the wall and floor of the smallpox of fire prevention plasterboard, for common firewall and the ledger wall with 25.4 mm (1 inch) thick plasterboard protection, in order to achieve an hour fire prevention requirements, in the wall between the wall and floor joists between pillars fill glass fiber for fire prevention and heat transfer also play a positive role in protecting.

Light steel villa roofing system is composed of roof frame, structural OSB panel, waterproof layer, light roofing tile (metal or asphalt tile). Light steel structure of roof, appearance can have a variety of combinations. There are many kinds of materials. With the protection of this technology, the appearance has many options.