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Light Steel Villa Advanced Technology

Light steel villa building can take unequal cross-design, in the purlins set, Light Steel Villa increase the span of the span, reduce the end span, to ensure that the middle of the cross-bending and roof cross-bending moment in the basic level, and the use of purlin The layout of the roof to achieve the goal of bearing stress balance, in order to achieve the role of roof system material to effectively reflect and reduce the amount of steel targets, pressure drop construction costs. Light steel villas using scientific design of the anti-column and gradually support. The wind column can limit the vertical deformation of the steel frame beam, but its bearing and the row of steel frame bearing the existence of differences, the end row and the row of steel frame deformation is different.In addition, Light Steel Villa the steel beam and purlins to take the hinge way, Can adapt to the edge of the purlin at both ends of the settlement difference, the general use of angle scissors support the design of the column between the support interface design is relatively large.

With the progress and development of society, rationally optimize the allocation of resources, the state began to promote the concept of residential industrialization, Light Steel Villa to address the land space utilization, to meet people's living environment at the same time the development of low-carbon economy, the pursuit of residential comfort. Light steel villa just to meet this requirement, its own unique advantages of light steel villa application has become more and more widely.Green steel villa building not only has "light, fast, good, province" four excellent performance, also has Can be recycled and the degree of environmental damage to the advantages of light steel villa with high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, foundation base cost, Light Steel Villa building use area, high building quality, suitable for industrial and standardized production, Green construction, suitable for different climatic conditions, not affected by the construction season, the advantages of low overall cost, at the same time, light steel villas can also reduce the construction waste pollution of the environment, in the whole life cycle can be recycled.

Light steel villas have been widely used in North America and many countries for many years, is able to use 100% cold-formed thin-walled steel building 6 layers of the following building technology The technical structure of the main building block is a small bridge, (Rectangular tube) and triangular V-shaped connector, with such a bridge can be built beams, walls, floors, can also build roof. Advanced technology, Light Steel Villa strong technical force, production experience, product After years of experimentation and innovation, the company formed a unique production technology, the technical performance have reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad in the manufacture of good products before the first to cultivate a positive attitude to observe the fine staff, Light Steel Villa and continued Continuous improvement of quality, cost, delivery, etc. to meet customer needs. Quality policy advocacy into the focus of quality awareness education and training, so that all staff familiar.

Light steel villa is the production of factory, on-site assembly and assembly, the advantages of construction and construction speed, low cost, high comfort, low cost and environmental protection and energy saving, thermal insulation, waterproof moisture, seismic sound insulation, Light Steel Villa comfort and many other features , With the international advanced level of new technologies, new materials, new technology, new equipment integrated together, for you to build a beautiful new house, the new building materials, The