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Green Steel Frame Construction Techniques Embodied Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

As China's energy saving and emission reduction of pressure increasing country's growing emphasis on environmental protection and natural resources conservation, development of green buildings have been written "Twelve-Five", its plan for the steel industry, this is a rare opportunity for development. Department of housing and urban-rural development announced the construction of the "Twelve-Five" development plan States that: "the Twelve-Five" during the country's gross output, value added in the construction industry is expected to rise to more than 15%. Construction of the "Twelve-Five" programme also requires that "Twelve-Five" during the construction process of building products unit value added decreased energy consumption 10%, rebar quantity the total amount of 45%, steel works increased. New project design should meet the national building energy conservation standards, construction of new construction to meet the requirements of the national building energy conservation standards; industry-wide contribution rate increase on the resources-saving society. In response, analysts said, which means that the rapid development of China's steel industry will usher in opportunity, expected "Twelve-Five" end, China's steel output will reach 50 million tons ~6500 tons.