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Exert The Advantages Steel Building National Green Building Initiative

Has a new of building system can through real estate industry, and construction, and metallurgical industry, and mechanical equipment manufacturing, and green building industry, and new building materials industry, and disaster mitigation industry, and appliances kitchen Wei decoration industry, and energy-saving environmental industry, and national strategy resources reserves, Zhijian of industry line, collection became a new of cycle type building industrialization industry system, both can effective to solution steel industry capacity excess, and can through town of construction pull domestic demand, improve construction of quality and quality, Achieved resources of efficient using and cycle using, promote China town of construction of can continued health development; while and can will bubble excessive of real estate industry funds again return to modern manufacturing, entity economic in the to, achieved China economic of transformation upgrade; more important of is, from long-term view, it also is a national strategy resources reserves industries, can hid steel Yu building, hid full people, benefit generations. This is generally optimistic about the industrialization of green building system of steel structure of the community.