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Enterprises Work Together To Discuss Steel Industry Future

By the Expert Committee of China construction metal structure Association steel structure hosting, multiple joint group "steel bar truss slab product expert seminar" multidimensional United Group in Beijing on October 29 xianghe building material co. Present at the symposium were China construction metal structure Association Secretary General Liu Zhe, Deputy Secretary-General of elaeocarpus decipiens, Director of China construction metal structure Association steel structure Committee Yin Minda, Deputy Director Hu Yuke, Gu Wenjie, Dong Chun, Adviser Zhang Ailan, as well as Cai Yiyan, and Liu Xiliang, Li Shaofu, and Lu Cilin, blue sky, Wang Minggui, Han Linhai, Ding Dayi, Beijing and Tianjin area experts.

Before the Conference began, delegates in Beijing duowei Union xianghe accompanied by building material co Tao Hongbin, General Manager of the group, visited the Beijing duowei steel production base in xianghe consolidated groups. According to Tao Hongbin introduction, xianghe factory is a set of heavy steel structures, steel sheet, energy-saving three of large-scale manufacturing base, designed annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of steel structures and group in the xianghe factory this year and invested heavily in the introduction of two of Europe's most advanced production line of welding for steel truss, to high standards and high requirements for the group into the steel bar truss slab market has laid a solid foundation. Roar of the machines, workers busy figure, new production equipment, large, tidy Gate type steel frame building, experts have left a deep impression.