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Develop Green Building Advance Housing Steel Structure Industry

Steel has a great advantage is the resource may be reused everywhere inpromoting housing steel structure industry, further research anddevelopment. As China's steel industry is the most developed areas inZhejiang Province, through more than 20 years development of the steelindustry, residential steel construction has a lot of success.

The recent meeting of the "green buildings and new construction in Zhejiang province's industrialization Forum-design of steel structure residenceconstruction and industrialization of innovative technology fieldobservation and expert seminars" on housing steel structure development ofthe difficulties, hot spots, from the technical and market based on experts' views on the innovation of steel housing industrialization.

County of baotou City project design Director, China construction metalstructure Association Honorary Vice-President, Zhejiang Provincial steelindustry association, Zhejiang hangxiao Steel Corporation Fang Hongqiang,Chief Engineer at the meeting was entitled "Wan County most of Cheng steel structure housing design and thinking" special report. Introduced on January1, 2013, the State Office of the State Council (2013) 1th, forwarded in theform of a green building action plan. Green building has risen to nationalstrategies, green buildings and simple building there is an essentialdifference in the past. It requires from the building life-cycle perspectiveof integrated solutions in harmony with nature, which take into account not only energy-saving, more emphasis on emission reduction and environmentalprotection, which is a distillation of past simple building energy efficiency. "Today's concrete building, construction waste tomorrow"development at the expense of the environment, is the most stupiddevelopment. This "mass production, mass consumption and mass waste"traditional mode of urbanization must change, current passively throughheavy investment in human and material resources and money to improve therecycling of construction waste and waste comprehensive utilization, this kind of "pollution first and treatment later" old ways cannot continue.