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Container House The Strength Requirements

Removable container rooms: Particularly suitable for transportation inconvenience such as roof, roof and other needs of office, accommodation, toilet, toilet. Office buildings,Container House conference rooms, dormitories, warehouses, shops, roof elevators and various temporary rooms for construction, railway, highway, water, oil, commerce, tourism and military fields can also be used as fixed buildings The

The use of welded steel frame, the framework to meet the strength requirements of military shelters. Frame surface sprayed container dedicated anti-rust primer and finish (epoxy zinc-rich).

FRP surface has a good acid, alkali, salt spray and other corrosive, Container House suitable for a variety of humid, corrosive environment to use. FRP itself has a good anti-collision performance, than the strength of steel, and anti-bending performance, the general impact of its surface will not cause damage.

Roof wall panels, insulation with A-class fire-resistant materials, decorative accessories complete. Wall panels using high-quality color plate, insulation glass fiber cotton, Container House rock wool and other materials, the indicators have reached the advanced level.

Anti-theft doors and windows, the cabin after the installation of a strong, suitable for frequent use of mobile, repeated disassembly without deformation.

Product surface smooth and smooth, with corrosion-resistant, Container House waterproof, sound insulation, insulation, impact resistance, easy to clean, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance and so on. Life of up to 20 years or more.

Container housing and building almost, will be around and the wall foundation leveling, the best use of reinforced concrete, more solid; and then pillars, with the cross beam will be skeleton together, on the partition, the outer wall panels and doors and windows; , And then put a layer of upward, Container House and then on the roof and roof panels; the final installation of doors and windows, pull vertical support. There is sanitary ware, ah, hardware and the like.

Container activities room concealed works refers to the construction process, after the completion of a process, will be covered by the next process, Container House all can not be completed after the inspection site, do room decoration, "hidden project" is the key, if the "hidden engineering "Did not do well, the surface was so beautiful decoration, but also futile.

The container room has the advantages of quick installation, convenient movement, many turnaround times and long life. Can be widely used in large-scale construction site and commercial, civil, Container House military field. Our container products can be set up for the removable container, welded containers and sea containers to transform the box and so on.