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Container House The Advantages Of Modular Architecture

Container house with unique performance advantages in us, by the broad masses of people's love and choose to the specialized factory customized in exclusive container room service for all aspects of public life. Why are container houses popular for consumers

Why do more and more people choose a container house?

1. Safe and reliable performance

Professional container room can be customized according to customer's demand, the box body material performance is good, both energy conservation and environmental protection and can ensure the solid structure of box room, even if meet bad weather (wind and rain, thunder and lightning, high temperature), can also ensure no collapse phenomenon of good structure and high temperature resistant performance is strong, even if life inside also won't feel unusually hot summer.

2. The production cycle is short and the term of use is long

Container in real-time measurement of the field, housing construction was completed to put into use the entire box production cycle is very short (the traditional housing construction) and on the use and normal construction convenient house comfortable. And container houses are very long in terms of use, and can be as long as 20 years.

3. Beautiful design and low cost

Container houses are built with container as the main material and the cost is relatively low, which can help customers to make high profits with cheap cost. In addition, the design and color changes of container houses can be designed according to the customers' aesthetic needs.

These are the reasons why container houses are becoming more popular with the public. Due to container room can follow people's demand for construction workers temporary accommodation and is sold as a commodity shops, factories, rental and other widely used has become a simple box housing favored by many people. But at present, there are so many containers in the market, so consumers should pay attention to comparing the word of mouth and paying attention to cost comparison

The advantages of modular architecture of containers

A) faster

Modular container buildings are 40-60% higher than traditional building methods, and delivery time can be reliably predicted and controlled.

B) cost effectiveness

In the past, the cost of general modular building techniques was higher than traditional building techniques such as brick-and-mortar structures. Now, new modular container buildings adopt innovative technologies that reduce the cost of modular buildings. Compared with the traditional brick and concrete structures of the same scale, the economic benefits are better.

C) reduce reliance on skilled workers

Modular container rooms can be manufactured in factories, specialising in division of Labour, and a large number of semi-skilled workers can be used to reduce the reliance on increasingly scarce skilled workers.

D) safe construction methods

The practice proves that modular container building is a safe construction method. Compared with traditional building methods, it USES fewer parts.

E) better quality

Modular container building blocks in a factory, the factory environment and interior construction condition will ensure that the quality is easier to control and improve, reduce defects, improve reliability of the product. It also has high productivity.

F) environmental protection and sustainable development

Modular container buildings are environmentally friendly: non-live components require far less energy than live production. During site construction, waste can be reduced by 70%. The sound insulation and insulation of modular container buildings are superior to traditional buildings. The daily energy consumption can be reduced to meet the requirements of sustainable development.

G) reduce interference

The construction cycle of modular container buildings is short, thus reducing the disturbance to the lives of nearby enterprises and residents.