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Container House Structure To Stabilize

Container room, also known as container activity room, refers to the container as the basic material, after transformation and become a window with a simple home.

Container is a large loading container with certain strength, rigidity and specification. Container House The size is close to the building room, the length is mainly 6m and 12m two kinds, the height is about 2.5m, Width 2.4m.

The container is modified, opened the window and carried on the interior decoration, then with the bed, sofa and other furniture and electrical equipment, Container House transform it into a container house. Such a container house is almost no different from the house we normally live in.

In foreign countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Container House the Netherlands, container housing has been widely used in private homes, offices, transitional housing and many other areas, and even the emergence of container blocks and container city, and has been widely recognized and accepted by the public.

The characteristic of container building is the standardization of dimensions. The container Building unit comes from the existing container, which is limited by the size of the current box, Container House and the outer dimension of most containers has a uniform size limit. The following figure is commonly used in three kinds of sizes, you can see that the net space can be used more cramped, indoor height is low, the horizontal space is narrow and long, fully consider the ergonomics very affect the customer experience and architectural quality. You can add a few container boxes together, but consider the structure and safety, not to mention the vertical space, Container House the need for a strong structure to stabilize.

Container in the transport industry life is generally 10-15 years, the elimination of the undamaged container box still has good physical performance, generally can also be used for 15 years, Container House if the maintenance is good, or with other structures such as concrete, can be more durable ~

The container material is affected by the physical properties of its metal structure, the heat conduction ability is strong, the thermal insulation performance is poor, the indoor thermal environment is not stable, the need to set up additional insulation layer to effectively control the indoor thermal environment, Container House and in the south of the container box for shading treatment to heat insulation, you can save a consumption of energy costs; In addition, the box is easy to rust, the need for the container inside and outside the anti-corrosion paint to It is important to note that international shipping in transit often in order to prevent the spread of pests and diseases, some countries produced the use of container paints chromate, phosphorus or lead-containing paint, Container House so to make a shop before the need to identify the origin of the box, for some of the original residual paint to be polished to safe use.

The best principle is to be able to become a city of exquisite exhibits, while allowing customers to see the building is derived from the container, can more reflect the new and artistic atmosphere. The following figure is Aether container clothing store, the appearance of a simple atmosphere, Container House with the dislocation constitutes an interesting fa├žade modeling. To lead new elements into the city space.