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Container House Of The Standardization

The characteristics of the container building are the standardization of the dimensions. The container building unit comes from off-the-shelf containers, subject to the size of existing cabinets, Container House and most of the container's external dimensions have a uniform size limit. The following figure is commonly used in three sizes, we can see that the net space can be used more cramped, low indoor height, Container House horizontal space is narrow and long, fully consider the ergonomics of the customer experience and building quality. You can stack several container boxes, but to fully consider the structure and safety, not to mention open the vertical space, the need for a strong structure to stabilize.

Container life in the transport industry is generally 10-15 years, out of the damaged container box is still no good physical properties, generally can also use 15 years, Container House if the maintenance is better, or with other structures such as concrete, Can be more lasting ~

Container material by the physical characteristics of its own metal structure, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance is poor, making the indoor thermal environment is unstable, Container House the need to set up additional insulation layer can effectively control the indoor thermal environment, and in the southern region need to container box Body for shampoo to heat, you can save a cost of energy; the other box is easy to rust, the need for brush inside and outside the container painted rust paint to prevent corrosion. Container House It is important to note that international shipping is often used in order to prevent the spread of pests and diseases, Container House some countries produce container paint used chromate, phosphorus or lead-containing paint, so make the shop before the need to identify the box origin Source, for some of the box to the original residual paint can be used in order to safely use.

The best principle is to be able to become a city of exquisite exhibits, but also allow customers to see the building is derived from the container, in order to reflect the novel and artistic atmosphere. The picture shows the AETHER container clothing store, the appearance of simple atmosphere, Container House with the dislocation constitute an interesting facade modeling. To lead the new elements into the city space.

The appearance of the treatment is generally from the color and shape to start, color and pattern is very suitable for a little literary Fan, the positioning of young groups, Container House the shape is a few boxes with different sizes, angles, height to put a pendulum, let it produce some overhead , Balcony, corridor what space. This is a very basic composition of the building design method, even if the layman can try, pay attention not to produce acute triangle space and the human body can not use the space. We look at several commonly used vertical spatial relationships.

As a long and narrow unit, if too closed, Container House will make the outside people do not understand what is inside the container, whether they can enter. Want to attract customers, transparency is a key point. Containers with a large transparent glass, you can digest the original container ugly and monotonous facade, but also for the original small closed dark space to provide a good lighting, Container House so that both inside and outside a good line of sight, do a cafe, dessert What is the store is very emotional.

Consider security and other security elements, the container itself can also be a long side as a good bodyguard. Unloading the upper structural components, the lower components can be converted into a rotating, Container House so when the resumption of the container as usual, during the day to open the floor, exposing the indoor scene, while the external container board can also be floor to form a small square for small space for People in the open air, tea can be.