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Container House Maintenance

We should be unfamiliar with the housing, because every day we will be exposed, and now the type of housing in the community is particularly large, each type of method to have different characteristics, so the daily life of the maintenance and maintenance of the house is also Not the same, in fact, the activities of the board itself is smooth, dirty cleaning is very simple, wipe or rinse with water can be resolved, and other aspects of maintenance, we need to pay attention to the activities of the board room will be repeated many times, Well, the longer you use, the more secure you are. However, the maintenance and maintenance of container activities room clear?

The container is the use of light steel structure, the wall covered with composite EPS wall panels, etc., of course, its walls can be a variety of, but generally there is a light steel structure, corrosion and rust should be done , Every few years the best brush a paint, it prevents it from corrosion, so not only more beautiful also protect the house, there is the wall of the waterproof measures, although the beginning of the building when the building is particularly good, but in order to prevent Aging the best regular inspection of housing under the waterproof facilities, circuit problems, so that both to ensure the safety, but also to protect the house moisture function.

Activity board room steel structure of the whole convergence, the user arrangements for electricity lighting equipment, wires can not be indirectly tied to the steel structure, should be set up line or trunking isolation device, so as to trigger electric shock.

Activity board room in the device is complete, the user shall not change the structure, not any bolted components, shall not add or add partitions, such as the need to change should be in consultation with the corresponding plant to change.

Every time you come to the house after all the power must be cut off to avoid accidental attacks, not the use of high-power electrical appliances, illegal electrical appliances, not the activities of the board room as a kitchen and so on.

As the basic structure of the container is the steel structure, so it is very important for its rust work, to regularly on the steel material rust, paint and other work, light steel construction parts should be 1-2 years in the paint Once, so that it can maintain elegance, so that the activities of the board room colorful.