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Container House Living Objects

Container house, also called container house, container activity room, container house, is the main use of the container as the basic material slightly modified to be a window with the door of the house.Such container houses are commonly used in construction sites as dormitories for workers, as well as for rental housing, for durability and convenience.Therefore, container houses are also called resident containers.

Advantages, small container "five zang-organs are available" yantian, phuket, in the east to the west of the people, fuyong, walking along the road, all the way to see many of these ads - "live one container, each 6 yuan a day".Faced with the average price of nearly 20,000 yuan in shenzhen, the "housing" of ultra-low rents may begin to slowly enter the spotlight.

In foreign countries, the idea of container house has been widely used already, a container slightly reshaped, can be transformed into a cozy cottage with Windows and doors.

Residence: temporary residence for migrant workers

Near a construction site in buji, migrant workers live in the same kind of container houses.The construction site guards told reporters that the houses were rented for construction workers, an 18-square-meter container room with five iron beds for up to 10 people.In addition to living, the container room can also be office, meeting room, even the kitchen

The poor citizen's winter and warm summer homes

Near the state of crane, a reporter sees a family in a container, a family of three, to collect waste and work for a living.Two rooms make a bedroom, and there is a pile of sundry room, kitchen, toilet, the other is built nearby.According to master yu aunt, they lived here for 10 years, before is the cover of the tin room, always regarded as the neo-treasure hill, in the end they have to seat and sign the agreement, the land rent, then spent more than 10000 yuan to buy a container into the house."We covered it with planks and a sheet of tin," said yu. "it's very comfortable to live here in the winter and warm in the summer."

A recent post on the Internet called "fire", in which a container of "dwelling narrowness" was found in the woods near the entrance of a highway in shenzhen.On March 17, 2010, the journalist found the old king who lived here.Lao wang told reporters that the container was bought for 10,000 yuan and the land was rented.Choosing to live in a container, the old king sees two main features: security, convenience, and, in case one day wants to change a place to do business, can move at any time.At present, Lao wang and his wife and children live in containers.

Industry - private residential containers are difficult to make

In London, many container houses become single apartments;In New York, a "composite household unit" is a 40-foot-long container;In Holland, containers are used to build dormitories for students.In shenzhen, can such a container be the saviour of the "dwelling narrowness"?It is widely believed in the industry that the current private residential container in shenzhen is difficult.