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Container House Good Sealing Performance

Container room, also known as container activity room, Container House refers mainly to the container as the base material, after the transformation and become a simple window with a simple home.

The container is a large loading vessel with a certain strength, stiffness and specification. Size and building room close to the length of the main 6m and 12m two, height of about 2.5m, width 2.4m.

People to modify the container, Container House open the door and the interior decoration, matched with bed, sofa and other furniture and electrical equipment, will be transformed into a container house. This kind of container house is almost no different from our usual house.

In foreign countries such as the United States, Britain, Container House the Netherlands, the container housing has been widely used in private residential, office, transitional housing and many other areas, and even the emergence of container blocks and container city, and the public generally accepted and accepted.

Easy to transport, especially for the frequent replacement of construction units

Durable, all made of steel, Container House stable and solid, good shock performance. Has a strong resistance to deformation; sealing performance, and strict manufacturing process so that this activity room has a good watertight.

The use of personalized features can be personalized development of personalized art. So that it has a personalized, consistent with personal characteristics and the pursuit.

The active room is based on a standard steel chassis that can spawn many combined spaces. Such as conference room dormitories, kitchen, bathroom and so on. Container House Standard width of 2.4 meters, height of 2.2 meters, the length of 4 meters to 12 meters.

Easy disassembly, superior performance, light weight. Housing for the overall structure, there are frames, the wall for the steel plate, available wood veneer, the overall migration, Container House the service life of up to 20 years.

Inexpensive and reusable. Recycling a waste container can save 1.7 tons of steel and 0.4 cubic meters of wood, reducing carbon dioxide 3.49 tons. If the use of 100,000 containers a year, you can reduce emissions of 349,000 tons of carbon dioxide, saving 340 million kWh. Container House The container module technology reduces construction time by 50%.

The extended container house utilizes the space of its main body to make a lot of parts (rooms) made of movable, and when the house is transported to the site, the rooms slide out and be fixed and form a larger building space and save the freight The

Container housing and building almost, will be around and the wall foundation leveling, the best use of reinforced concrete, more solid; and then pillars, Container House with the cross beam will be skeleton together, Container House on the partition, the outer wall panels and doors and windows; , And then put a layer of upward, and then on the roof and roof panels; the final installation of doors and windows, pull vertical support.