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Container House Board Structure

In recent years, along with the rapid development of the construction industry, Container House activities board room in China popular soon, but as a rising star of the container housing popularity is slightly slower. Although the popularity of container housing is not as good as the traditional activities of the board room, but its advantages are much more than the activities of the board room, Container House today introduced the sound insulation performance.

Used the traditional activities of the board room people must know that it is not ideal sound insulation, downstairs can hear the voice of upstairs and footsteps. This is mainly because the board between the two floors only separated by a thin layer of wood, wood resonance effect is relatively large, Container House and poor sealing, sound insulation is naturally relatively poor, regardless of the daily office or workers are living with To great inconvenience. Container housing and traditional activities of the board structure is completely different, the first floor of the container housing and the second floor, respectively, Container House belong to a different box, each independent cabinet floor materials are steel, cement and tiles, the thickness of 20 cm or more, Such a structure and the activities of the board room sound insulation effect is much better than the natural. The activities of the board room in addition to the first floor is the cement floor, the above floors are reusable wood, sealing and noise effects worse.

With the construction of more and more large-scale buildings in our cities, the resulting construction waste is everywhere, making environmental pollution increasingly serious. In response to this situation, the industry said that energy conservation, environmental protection is the construction industry is currently imperative. Container House In this case, China's container housing market ushered in a very good development opportunities.

Container housing is made of steel and sandwich panels, very strong, and energy saving, no pollution, is a low-carbon environmentally friendly products. Container house is a finished product, its interior, outside the factory are equipped with all the equipment and all the renovation is completed. Container House Installation, mobile, disassembly is very convenient, the product factory can be used as long as the power can be used, with a crane can be a crane. However, Container House due to the current quality control system is not perfect and some potential performance problems, so that the container housing market is facing great challenges. Container House We also see that more and more container housing manufacturers began to focus on standardized production, improve product safety performance, emphasizing the brand effect.

Container housing industry in order to survive in the brutal competition environment, and invincible, we must establish a brand awareness, Container House strengthen the industry standardized management, attention to the original design of container houses, good installation and after-sales service. Container House From the extensive use of container houses in China in these years, it is seen that it is becoming a "star" industry in China's temporary construction industry, and the huge market space makes a lot of businesses looking for investment opportunities to see hope.