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Container House Advantage

Container rooms, also known as container houses, container housing, container housing, refers to the main container-based materials by a small transformation and become a window with a house. Such container rooms are common in construction sites as workers' dormitories, and others are used as rental housing, durable and easy to build. Therefore, the container room is also known as the resident container.


Small container "five internal organs are all" from the east of Yantian, Phuket, to the west of the people, Fuyong, along the road to walk, all the way to see a lot of this ad - "live containers, each 6 yuan a day." The face of the Shenzhen property market close to the average price of 20,000 yuan, this ultra-low rent "housing" may begin to slowly into people's attention.

Living object

Site workers

Temporary residence

In the vicinity of a site near the Phuket, migrant workers live in this kind of container room. Site security told reporters that these houses are rented to the construction workers living, an 18 square meters of the container room, you can put 5 iron bed, up to live 10 people. In addition to living, the container room can also do office, conference room, and even kitchen.

Poor citizens

Of the winter warm summer cool place

In the vicinity of Hezhou, the reporter saw a dwelling in the container family, a family of three, to collect waste and work for a living Two rooms to do the bedroom, in addition to the accumulation of debris of the room, kitchen, toilet, it is built in the next. According to the host Yu aunt introduced, they lived here for 10 years, before the cover metal room, was always regarded as illegal construction demolition, and finally they had to sign agreement with the village committee, rent

The container room offers cheap accommodation

The container room offers cheap accommodation

That piece of land, and then spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy a container converted into a house. Yu aunt said: "We have built a layer of wood in the above, a layer of metal, live here, Dongnuanxialiang, very comfortable.

Recently there is a post on the Internet is a "fire", the text said in Shenzhen, a high-speed road entrance next to the woods found in the container "dwelling". Reporter March 17, 2010 According to the text said, to find living here in the Pharaoh family. Pharaoh told reporters that the container is to spend 10,000 yuan to buy, the land is rented. Choose to live in containers, Pharaoh fancy two characteristics: safe, convenient, and, if someday want to change the place to do business, ready to move. At present, Pharaoh and his wife and children live in the container.

an expert

- Private living containers are difficult to weather

In London, a lot of container houses become single apartments; in New York, a "combined home unit" is a 40-foot container; in the Netherlands, containers are used to build dorms for students. In Shenzhen, this container can become a "snake family" savior it? The industry generally believe that the current private housing in Shenzhen difficult to become a climate.

Ju Chen told reporters that "you want to live their own words, then you have to get a piece of land, because this is not allowed to put casually, and today may be hanging in that tomorrow." But if the individual to rent Or buy a container as an apartment, first of all must obtain the right to use a piece of land, and access to the relevant departments of the planning approval, otherwise it is illegal structures. It is almost impossible to obtain a land use right in the name of an individual and is approved for planning.

Because the living container is not in the government permission, want to live in such a dwelling can only hide in the remote suburbs, or committed to the overpass, and even some in the construction site next to. Chenjing Li told reporters, and occasionally have to rent the container of individuals, but also the kind of small shops in the roadside, small shops, almost no use from the living.