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Construction Technology Of Large Span Spatial Steel Structure

At present, China's social development needs and economic strength further enhanced, long-span spatial steel structures, and has been rapid development in the field. With the domestic infrastructure construction, the needs of industrialization and urbanization, especially in 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and host the 2011 Universiade, mass construction of venues for large-span spatial steel structures, and provides opportunities for the development.

From the architectural shape, in order to meet the aesthetic demands of improved styling steel buildings have become increasingly volatile. From structure form see, big across steel from compared single of network frame, and network shell gradually development to all kinds of combination hybrid system, even many other field (as bridge) of structure form also transplant to big across steel in the to (as Shenzhen vanke center used of cable-stayed bridge concept), structure system rendering out varied, and constantly innovation of pattern, this are thanks Yu steel quality uniform of features. Advances in finite element technology today, steel building performance comparable analyses of control, architect to the wildest concept can be fully achieved. Meanwhile, construction technology of large span spatial steel structures, and also get leap-forward development, advanced and innovative construction methods and styles, many technical programmes and measures artfully, is impressive. Following has landmarks sex and structure form novel of steel building: Shenzhen, Longgang District, sports Metro, and Guiyang Olympic sports center stadium, and Shenzhen Marina leisure district of "Bay Sports Center", and Guangzhou, Panyu district, of "Guangzhou Asia yuncheng integrated Stadium", and Wuhan qingshan district of "Wuhan new railway station", and Shenzhen, Baoan district, of Shenzhen Airport Terminal T3 Terminal floor, and Beijing, Chaoyang District, of CCTV new Taiwan site, are is in recent years building steel engineering success example.