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Advocate Green Architecture Containing Urban Smog

According to newspaper reports, as of January 13, 2013 zero 74 monitoring in the city in the country, has 33 cities in the more than 300 monitoring stations detected data, air quality has reached serious pollution. South-Central Tianjin, Hebei and fog visibility less than 1000 metres, visibility was less than 200 meters in some areas. Where does smog come from? Institute of atmospheric physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wang gengchen said the smog is the most fundamental reason for increased emissions, combined with adverse weather conditions, makes the self-purification ability of atmospheric variations.

Action to address smog in Beijing

In response to "sudden" smog, Beijing launched a pollution emergency plan, a total of 58 enterprises have ceased production, there are 41 companies reduced the pollutant discharge. As of January 13, 2013, 54 companies in Beijing and 30%, there are 28 construction site earthwork operations were stopped, some construction units took control of Earth excavation, stop the demolition works, increasing the construction site dust, cover bare soil and other measures to reduce air pollution.

Recently, the Beijing Municipal departments check the construction unit of the joint unit in Beijing to prevent construction dust in the construction process cause pollution to the environment, and called on the general public, if dust jobs construction site has violations, call 96310 reporting imposed on illegal construction, the departments concerned will be liable to a maximum of 100,000 yuan.