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Container House Strength Requirements

Container House Removable container room: particularly suitable for transportation inconvenience such as the roof, the peak, such as the need for office, accommodation, toilet, toilet. Container House For buildings, railways, highways, water Conservancy, petroleum, commerce, tourism and military areas of the Office, conference rooms, headquarters, dormitories, warehouses, shops, floors and a variety of temporary rooms, can also be used as a fixed building.

(1) High strength:

The frame of welded steel structure is adopted to meet the strength requirement of military cabin. Frame Surface Spraying Container Special anti-rust primer and topcoat (epoxy zinc-rich).

(2) Strong weather resistance:

FRP surface has a good acid, alkali, salt fog and other corrosive, suitable for a variety of humid, corrosive environment of strong use. FRP itself has a good impact resistance, Container House more than the strength of steel, and flexural performance is good, general shock on its surface will not cause damage.

(3) Security:

Roof wall panels, thermal insulation using a-class fireproof materials, decorative accessories complete. Wall panels using high-quality color plate, insulation using glass silk, Container House rock wool and other materials, the indicators have reached advanced level.

Anti-Theft doors and windows, cabin installed after the overall strong, suitable for regular mobile use, repeated disassembly without deformation.

(4) Beautiful and durable:

Product surface smooth, with corrosion resistance, waterproof, sound insulation, insulation, impact resistance, easy to clean, easy to maintain, appearance and other features. Service life of up to 20 years.

(5) The price of the product is very high:

The price is 30% lower than the same level of high-end disassembly container.

The container house, also called the container housing, Container House the container activity room, the container house, refers to the container as the basic material slightly reformed and becomes the House with the window door. This type of container house is common in the construction site as a worker's dormitory use, others as rental housing use, sturdiness and durability, easy to build. As a result, Container House the container house is also called a living container.