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Light Steel Villa Construction Technology

Light Steel Villa Is the price of light steel villas expensive?

A: The cost of light steel villas depends on the choice of the main material cost range of 1500-2500 yuan/square meters (construction area), this price contains water and electricity (the reservation interface does not contain appliances), the equivalent of a paperback, but does not include the foundation, according to the requirements of the drawings by the local construction team, Light Steel Villa the same shape under the villa and brick mixed price difference.

Second, light steel villa safe?

A: Light steel villa is a technology from North America, in the developed countries have been popularized in the past hundred years of history, 95% of the bottom of the building are light steel villas, Light Steel Villa high building economy, advanced technology in line with [URL] environmental protection and energy conservation [JURL] sustainable development [url] of the current several aspects Very safe.

Design parameters:

1, meet 9 degree earthquake fortification requirements;

2, can withstand 12 typhoon;

3, Roof snow can reach 1500mm;

4, the building fire resistance limit satisfies 2.5H design Standard.

III. Light Steel Villa How long will the construction cycle of light steel villas take?

A: This is determined by the building area, generally speaking, a 300 ㎡ construction period will not exceed 2 months. This is because the main materials of light steel villas are produced in the factory, transported to the scene after the assembly of the same as a car directly assembled.

Four, light steel villa wall structure is what kind of?

A: The walls of ordinary rooms are arranged in the following order: interior wall Decoration-gypsum Board (calcium Silicate board)-Light steel keel (the inside of keel contains noise reduction, insulation of rock wool or glass wool-European pine plate (Calcium silicate board)-Extruded plate (XPS insulation layer, need keel support)-waterproof layer-exterior wall veneer.

Light Steel Villa How thick is the wall of the light steel villa?

The exterior wall of the light steel villa is usually 200mm, the inner wall (partition) is generally 120mm, if is in the Northeast and so on cold area, then needs to thicken the insulating layer, the exterior wall will be thicker than the ordinary one points.

Overall, the wall of light steel villas is thinner than the traditional brick wall, which can save more usable area.

The floor of Light steel villa is composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel frame or composite beam, floor OSB structural plate, support, connecting parts, etc. The materials used are OSB, cement fibreboard, and plywood. The load of 316 kg per square metre can be borne on these lightweight floor surfaces. The weight of the building structure system of light steel villa is only One-fourth to one-sixth of the traditional concrete slab system in China, but its floor structure height will be higher than that of ordinary concrete slab $number mm.

The construction technology of low-light steel structure low-rise residential building is developed on the basis of North American style wood frame construction technology, which has formed a mature construction system with excellent physical properties, flexible space and form, easy construction and various forms. Light Steel Villa In the world, known as the best living environment in the North American continent, more than 95% of low-rise civil construction, including residential, shopping malls, schools, office buildings and other use of wood structure or light steel structure (even including our nearest neighbour Japan and Korea). North American wood frame and light steel structure in the entire construction market occupies an absolute advantage. At present, with the rising timber prices, the North American Light Steel structure system market development is growing at more than 30% of the rapid growth rate, gradually for the market widely accepted. It is also widely used in our neighboring Japan (the KC System in Japan) and South Korea, and Australia.