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Not all steel building is the green building

"Not all steel building is green building. "A few days ago, China construction metal structure Association, Guangdong provincial society for spatial structures hosted the third Summit Forum on China's steel industry, the experts noted.

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the housing and urban-rural construction Ministry issued notice of the action of the green building program which requires "Twelve-Five" during the new green building 1 billion square meters. By the end of 2015, 20% of new town construction meets green building standards requirements. Among them, steel buildings is becoming one of the green building trend.

Green steel construction must have "the lightest structure, the ductility of the shortest possible duration, and the best" three core values.

However, the pursuit of some rather unusual looking buildings, and in part of the structure contrary to the principles of structural stability, and increase steel consumption, increasing the thickness of the steel and other remedies, managed to bring the building to force requirements, leading to difficult construction project cannot called a green building. This is not conducive to the building of steel structure architecture popularized.