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Key representatives of the steel structure is the green building

Set design, Chief Engineer of the group, Zhejiang Provincial steel industry association, China construction metal structure Association steel structure Committee and China Steel structure Association expert Fang Hongqiang steel building have a deeper understanding than most people. Fang Hongqiang believes that steel building is the main representative of green building.

Fang Hongqiang said, in the construction industry to promote steel structures is an important part of developing circular economy in the construction industry, is the transformation and upgrading of traditional civil construction industry. Steel building has not only "light, faster, better and cheaper" four excellent performance, also has the advantages of small recycling and environmental damage. Known, steel has strength high, and weight light, and seismic performance good, and Foundation based costs province, and building area big, and building quality high, and for industrialization and standardization production, and can dry type green construction, and for Yu different climate conditions, and not by construction season of effect, and integrated cost low advantages, while, steel also can reduced building garbage on environment of pollution, and in full life cycle within can cycle using,. Fang Hongqiang said steel buildings comply with energy conservation and the development of circular economy in China, is one of the structures of the minimal effect on the urban environment.