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Easy detachable folding container housing

Habitable container houses on the site you may be more familiar with our common appearance is that of a blue metal trunk. The container housing is reproduce the practice of shipping containers, wall lining adds rock wool, glass wool insulation, fire for innermost wall plug. There is also a color steel plate structure of the wing, with the square tube, c-shaped steel welded frame, then use the 50mm color plates as wall panels. Both types of container housing is welded in the factory, if customers lease or purchase, directly to the site. Removable container House at present, the main drawback of the site container houses is not folded, transport when a typical truck can transport only one, greatly increasing the costs of transport. Today, the NET gives you a folding container House. This folding container can significantly save on shipping costs when idle space, ideal for rental use.

If it is engaged in container leasing businesses in this way, can greatly reduce the usage of the site. A 18 square meters where the most stacked 3 display, now 15. A car can only carry a single, now can move 5. Removable container House the removable container House drawing overseas export KD container technology, supported by four columns as a primary connecting upper and lower frame, fixed by the screw connection, the container as a whole, compared with the normal welded containers, strong is not reduced. Tianjin Dragon steel structure, a Manager on the net says he is very optimistic about the removable container House. Because this container House material costs than an ordinary container House and no higher, arising out of the use of the favourable in the future value is great.