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Container House construction functional theory study

Container House a single module design and manufacturing should follow a uniform international standard, in fact, container sizes can be customized according to cargo requirements, but must conform to the standard mode. Generally speaking, a single container size 20Ft (6258mm) and Ft (12192

Mm) two, roughly around 2.5M, slight differences in different height of the container, but a single width of the container is exactly the same, 2.438m.

In terms of architecture, container House construction method or stacked form, every corner columns with superimposed on each other. This stacking method has two advantages: simple rules, easy to load, stability, give full play to the advantages of container, sturdy and safe.

However, if no special building method has always been stacked so that there will be no more people to choose a container House, scope of application and construction of color steel plate. Therefore, strong architecture and the architectural forms is badly in need of safe and reliable research.

Meanwhile, the container for transport storage has several characteristics may play in live to side effects.

First, the complete welding, thermal insulation performance is very poor.

Second, totally enclosed space, drainage is poor.

Third, because single individuals only 2.438m width of the container, the use of limited space.

Finally, fully enclosed space, poor ventilation and lighting performance.

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