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Analysis: multi-storey civil buildings of light steel structure system

(1) the pure frame structure. Pure frame structure in earthquake areas are generally not more than 15 levels. Framework layout of flexible, providing larger indoor space in the building, and the uniform structure of stiffness. Frame structure has a greater ductility and natural vibration period is longer, thus not sensitive to earthquakes, earthquake resistance performance is good. But the little lateral stiffness of frames due to lateral displacement, caused the destruction of non-structural members and therefore should not be set too high.

(2) frame structure system. NET Framework under wind and earthquake loads, lateral does not meet the requirements, can be used with supporting frame, frame system, arranged along the vertical and horizontal two directions of the structure of a certain amount of support. In this system, the frame layout and column spacing, basically identical to the framework, support most of them along the center of the floor layout around the services area, arranged along the vertical supports and lateral supports are connected forming a support tube. By axial force members to form the vertical supports to replace the frame formed by the bending bars can get much larger than pure frame structure of lateral force resisting rigidity, can significantly reduce the drift.

(3) frame-shear wall structure system. In frame structure arranged a number of shear wall in frame-shear wall structure system, this structure with shear walls as lateral forces structure, both floor frame structures with a flexible, easy to use features, and has a greater stiffness and can be used for 40 to 60 storeys high rise steel structure. When the reinforced concrete wall along the service area (such as stairs, elevators and bathrooms) around, formation of frame tube structure system. This structure in all directions with a larger lateral force resisting rigidity, become the main lateral force components, most horizontal loading, steel structure subjected to vertical loading.